Custom Photos & Blizzcon

Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! It’s starting to slow down though so guess what’s available again?

Custom photos!

In case you weren’t aware I do custom commissions. Since my schedule is finally getting back to normal I will be taking on custom photos again. If you’re interested in purchasing just hit the little E-mail icon in the upper left side of the page and let me know what you’re looking for. Prices vary depending on what you’re wanting.


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Blizzcon. It was a BLAST. I absolutely enjoyed myself and really liked the announcements that were made in the opening ceremony. For those of you that don’t know I am a long time WoW player (11 years) and play on and off when the mood strikes me. I am a huge fan-girl of Sylvanas so you can be assured I was fan-girling with that new cinematic.

I mainly watched the WoW detail panels and eventually made my way around the convention center to collect patches for our backpacks that were handed out by vendors and game locations.

Watching some of those cinematics definitely got me interested in playing other games so recently I’ve been hitting up Heroes of the Storm and enjoying learning about the game. This may lead up to some potential of me streaming HoTs at some point. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of me streaming if it does happen since there seems to be some interest there.

The store isn’t up and running just yet…I have some web hosting issues that need to be upgraded. Hopefully my partner in crime gets back in contact with me soon so we can get the web host up to speed and ready to process payments for a gallery shop.

Also as a side note: I might losing the battle with Instagram. My main account has been banned for a few weeks now and Summerisbound2 is now on a ban…..I might have to rethink this whole thing but I’m not sure how to win against a company I can’t even contact. Sorry guys. 🙁

Feel free to leave comments of what you guys would like to see or just your thoughts in general!

Thanks for reading!


Up and Running

Hello friends!

After much tweaking and going back and forth between layouts I’ve finally settled on this one.

I’m still working on implementing some things like a shop and gallery, so be on the lookout! I’ll keep you updated once I have photo sets available for purchase through this site. It’ll be a nice work around from having to pay BentBox fees.

Until next time!

Family Time

Sorry friends! I had the busiest weekend and wasn’t able to get anything done this weekend.

We have family and friends visiting and any time spent home was spent together. We couldn’t even slip away for a short time to do a commission because everyone would come find us if we were gone for more than 5 minutes.

It was a busy and exhausting weekend. Fun, but exhausting. I am an introvert and only recharge when I get some alone time. I only managed to slip away once or twice for about 5 minutes to just catch my breath. So I apologize for the delay in updates or replies. I’ll be sending notes out today and praying we get some time to do a commission or two tonight despite still having a full house.